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RDF Data Cube Vocabulary

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

About a month ago the W3C issued a candidate recommendation for a Data Cube Vocabulary.  The idea is to provide a semantic description for data and summary statistics for the facilitation of linked science.  The notion of a Data Cube is described in the Statistical Data and Metadata eXchange initiative.  A data frame in R provides an example of a Data Cube description.  What the W3C RDF vocabulary will provide is a semantic way to capture Data Cubes and to link descriptive elements to concepts in other ontologies.  I will not be surprised if someone develops a package for R that would allow it to read/write RDF Data Cube descriptions.

Three years ago I was the lead ontology engineer for the development of Cyber Scientific Test Language for the National Cyber Range.  The purpose of CSTL was to describe the elements of cyber experiments, including experiment design and methodology and a comprehensive description of the system under test and testbed.  One of the ontologies in the CSTL library was the Design of Experiments Ontology, which provided an OWL representation for statistical hypothesis testing and analysis.  If the Data Cube vocabulary had been available back then I would have gladly used it as a starting point.